Saturday-A Sunny Day

After a great storm last night (great for sleeping, that is) the sun came out and the humidity was tolerable today. (We didn’t stick to each other anymore.) The morning activities included pottery (Yay July counselors!), Stamping, and planning for Studio Night .

The storm brought all this yucky seaweed into shore, so everyone went out to the sandbar, far from any camera I have.
We forgot umbrellas, so we had to improvise.

Hello out there!

We had our first Studio Night of the summer, or as Richard likes to shout, “Saturday Night Live” We think we were funnier.

Some of the July counselors wowed us with a rousing rendition of “Fill me up Buttercup”

Jeremy’s ready to row his boat.
Jabberwocky’s next top model tryouts.

Where else but here do you get a singing mermaid and a dancing fish. (and a laughing Sarah)
And then there’s the monkey. (Don’t ask) 
There were 3 performances of Greased Lightning, but photos don’t do them  justice. You just have to come here and see this number in person. Really.

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