First Day, Callooh,Callay

And so, here we go. Another summer of reunions, laughs, activities, great food, and our wacky “cousins” at  camp. Many of us visit the blog during the winter to remind ourselves of the treat we get if we are lucky enough to get here in the summer. Those who can’t make it tell me they keep up with our adventures from work or home. I hope you enjoy your month with us. We plan to.

The crabby blogger is back.

We sent a welcoming committee to meet the ferry this morning. It’s a small, but enthusiastic group. (Everyone else was on the ferry.)

Annie’s so excited to come back to camp.

Here they come, backwards, forwards and sideways. That’s the way we do things here.

Fogey sports a new stylish -do.

The lunch pros produce another tastebud extravaganza

The clouds cleared and we had a great first day at the beach. No sunburns, crab bites, or lost campers.

Skip’s back. We missed you last year.

After a glorious day at the beach, we headed to West Chop for a sunset. We loaded the whole camp onto the dock and no one fell off, at least accidently. Some folks think jumping off is great fun, I think it’s terrifying.

The annual crazy counselors jump. (There were more jumpers, but I mainly got photos of splashes.)

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