Rain Won’t Stop Us Now!

Our first full day here at Jabberwocky was a wet one, but we don’t care about that. Actually we do. We wish the sun would come out so we could go to the beach and get hot, but until then we’ve got horses and rain ponchos too. Before we ventured out into the wild, we got a lesson on how not to scare horses:

And then we hit the trail!

Back at camp Elsie says she doesn’t let a little wet weather get her down…

Matt L. showed us his work of art…

And after dinner we gathered around and had our first official “Challenge Night”. This means people challenge each other to things such as this “chubby bunny” contest…it involves stuffing marshmellows in your mouth and saying “chubby bunny”.

Paul challenged Peter and Miles to a reverse push-up contest, which turned into a floor dance-off.

And we all went to bed, full nearly to the point of barfing with tasty sweets and the goodwill of another fine summer begun anew.


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