We’re Back and Bloggin!

Yes! Jabberwocky in July has officially begun! Tune in here for updates. We’re going to go blog crazy this summer, posting videos and more pictures than you’d ever want to see of our motley crue. We’re very excited to report that everyone made it off the ferry and is safe at camp, we think. We’re still counting to make sure…Anyway, here’s our first day report:

It was a cold and blustery day, and as the counselors rode over to Woods Hole to meet the campers, we all felt certain doom was around the corner.

But it wasn’t! There were happy, wet faces waiting for us there. We assured the parents we’d take good care of their sons and daughters and grabbed them before they could protest and then we hustled them back on the ferry where a bumpy ride would take us all back to the land known as Jabberwocky. On board the ship, old friends were reunited…

…And waiting for us on the island shores were many strange people:

Rain would not deter us on this day. We marched up the streets of Vineyardhaven and arrived at our home for the summer…Camp Jabberwocky!

After we unpacked we ate a hearty lunch…

And met the new people, including Sam here, who informed us it was his birthday, so we sang for him.

And then after lunch Bubba rang the bell, which signaled it was time for the serious business of having fun to truly begin…


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