skye ward

hi folks

i know it’s been a while since i’ve updated on here. truth is, i get a far bigger response from posts on FaceBook. still, that shouldn’t mean that i neglect the main blog. i’m sorry.

anyway, thought i’d let you in on a conversation i had over the phone with Jojo last night:

apparently, skye was running around the house and “the dog tripped him.” silly dog. skye broke his leg. he has had his surgery, and will be coming home sometime next week. once he is sufficiently healed, he will have another surgery to remove the plates from his leg.

unfortunately – all of this means that he will not be able to come to camp this summer. 🙁

he would LOVE to get cards/phone calls/emails from us though. please contact me at to get his contact info.

let’s try to keep his spirits up, like he does for us at camp.

thanks everyone,


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