Ah, February….

Hi folks!

This is February. The month when Hallmark rejoices, songs get dedicated on the radio, and – in general – love (in all it’s forms) runs amuck. So what better time for me to tell you:

We all remember Jonathan and Mandy, yes? Two wonderful counselors who met through jabberwocky. I’m sure you will remember that last summer Jabberwocky threw them their bachelor and bachelorette parties (fun times!)

Well, last summer was their parties, and this summer is their wedding. That’s right, folks. This summer, Jonathan and Mandy are having their actual, honest-to-God wedding at Jabberwocky. On June 27th, they will be exchanging vows in the field.

Now – as i said – this is their actual wedding. Not a “Jabberwocky-style do-over,” as some of us have experienced in the past. Their family and friends will be coming to our camp – sharing this experience -to witness this beginning to their new life together.

As such, there are certain rules that Jojo insists be followed (remember how much energy Jojo has. you don’t want it to be channeled in the wrong way, believe me!):

1. If you are going to be present at camp on June 27th, you must bring with you a dressy outfit that you would actually wear to any other wedding you might be invited to attend.

2. On June 27th, NO costume cabin outfits will be allowed.

3. There will be NO cross-dressing for this event. We all know how wonderful Manny looks in slinky lingerie, but … he can’t upstage the bride! 🙂

Please, please… respect their wedding. And save yourself from the wrath of Jojo!

Thanks, everyone.


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