It’s been a while…

Hello folks.

For those of you that are new to reading the Jabberwocky blog, please let me introduce myself. I am Faith Carter, a die-hard Jabberwockian who just finished my 34th consecutive summer at my home away from home. I consider Jabberwocky to be a real family, and as such, I very much enjoy keeping people posted on what we’re all doing throughout the year. Arthur Bradford set up this blog several years ago – and asked me last year if i would be willing to maintain it throughout the months that we are not together.

I love maintaining this blog. I believe it is one thing i am truly “fired up” about in my life. And I must apologize for my long absence in posting. There are several reasons for this. A few are highly personal, which i will not go into here. Another more common reason involves computer issues, my computer seems to be getting old and tired. it has not been behaving well lately. and also i wrote Arthur immediately upon returning from Camp this summer to ask for his permission/approval to continue my efforts to blog – and have yet to get a response from him in any way.

So – if you’ll have me – i’ll continue. I truly do enjoy being connected to everyone throughout our “off” months, and until someone tells me differently I want to include you in the mix.

One other thing you should know before we continue: every now and then i slip into an “e.e. cummings” phase and completely ignore capitalization. it’s just me. i realize that it may make some things more difficult to read (according to internet etiquette articles), so if it gets obnoxious please let me know. otherwise, i will continue to type as it comes to me (it is a practice in my family not to capitalize the word “i” except in very formal writing – so that might be a very difficult habit to change and you might just have to “deal with it.” sorry).

now – as for happenings around and about: there have indeed been lots of activities going on.

Merry has done some traveling on the road between here and Colorado. Apparently, she saw both a 5- and a 6- legged cow amongst her travels. I can’t even imagine…

Jake (and maybe Michelle? – honestly i’m not sure who all was involved) took Dick S. for dinner, a movie, and apparently some spontaneous swimming one night. The lateness of Dick’s return caused the home he lives in some concern, but Dick was safe and happy… and all’s well that ends well. 🙂

Jake and Michelle also met up with Nancy Jesseau shortly after camp ended and took her (and Michelle’s uncle) out for a nice dinner. I know that Nancy enjoyed the time out very much, and seeing friends is always a good pick-me-up.

Sully and Jay have settled into their new home now. They have a very hectic schedule: Jay with multiple jobs, and Sully working and back in school – but they definitely like living in their own place, and have already been entertaining a few Jabberwockians at a time. I think JoJo was the first to christen guest room, if i’m not mistaken. But don’t quote me.

And the get-together that i know the most about is the one where Brynn, Maggie, Sully, Stefanie and i all went out and had lunch, and then went for some “body art” (read: piercings).

The day was not without adventure. First, the train that Maggie and Brynn were on ran late. Then Sully, Stef, Maggie, and Brynn got stuck in some heavy traffic. And THEN – when they were about 5 minutes away from my house on the way to pick me up… the car got a flat tire.

But – once a donut was put on, we were all off… and only two hours behind schedule!

Stefanie rewarded herself for all her hard work on her abs over the past year+ and got her navel pierced. And i got my nose re-pierced. (no, i haven’t gotten my “island” tattoo yet. that will have to wait until kelsey g. can come along with me…) I had my nose pierced once in grad school… and loved it… but it closed, so decided to go for it again. And you know what? i still love it! 🙂

Originally some of the other girls were thinking of getting something done, but where we were so far behind schedule… there will be other outings and opportunities, i am sure.

There is one more bit of info. that Nancy Connelly would like to share. Her uncle, “Father George,” who is a long-time friend and staunch supporter of Jabberwocky has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

Nancy and her family would really appreciate it if we could send “Father George” some mail: either snail-mail or email. Nancy has sent me an email with all of the appropriate contact info. but – as i’ve stated – my computer is misbehaving and i cannot bring it up into a separate window to copy and paste it here. I will have to close this post, and create a new one in order to pass that info along. Which I will do immediately after this post ends.

If YOU have any news, photos, tidbits, or anything you want to share – please feel free to email me: – and i will get it up on the blog in a far more timely manner than this first post has been.

it will be my pleasure to be with you again,
thanks for reading,


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