A Beachin’-Boatin’ Kinda Day

Here are some beach photos by Ben. There are hundreds more, but I’m too tired. Maybe he’ll add them after I leave.

This afternoon we had a special treat – kayaks !!! We had much fun trying to balance campers and counselors without falling in. Some of us did better than others, but Kyle, Jeremy, and Daniel were good sports about being dumped into the drink. Life jackets are wonderful inventions, and we used them well. (Sorry about the repeat fishing photo, but I can’t find it to delete it)

This evening many of the campers and folk went on one of the summer favorites – The Skipper! This year, in addition to catching the usual skum ? skimp ? scup ? (small fish), Adam and Athena each snagged a shark !!!!!! Since the blogger is VERY frightened of that particular species, it was a good thing she was not on the boat. Everyone enjoyed the picnic on board and the beautiful sunset.


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