The campers and counselors are very thankful for our kitchen crew, who keep us happy and very full. Patty, Vickie, and Leslie toil in the kitchen from dawn to very dark. Sometimes they get help from guest chefs, like Emma and her father David (below). And then there is the revolving lunch crew who tries to be creative with whatever they find in the cooler. We love our cooks.

This morning, despite yet another downpour, we took a trolley ride around the island with Brian, our local friendly tour guide. He gave us the full tourist treatment and we were dressed for the trip in our spiffy straw hats. We also had our cameras ready in case we saw someone famous or just wanted to blind our fellow campers with a close up with a flash. We rode around for hours, and we don’t think we got lost – even once! Thanks Brian for a fun trip.
We spent the afternoon working on the play which is coming up very soon (Yikes!). We also took a little nap since we were worn out from our late night and early trolley adventure.

Last night, we celebrated Chris’ birthday and went to the Boston Pops/Neville Brothers concert. It was a beautiful evening, and we stayed out VERY late. We got back with all our campers and clothing and towels so that was a big accomplishment.
Sorry for the grouping of the photos, but the blog and I are not seeing eye to eye on who gets to post photos where, and so far, the blog is winning.


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