Friday, week 3

This afternoon (morning follows, I can’t get the blog in order anymore, and it’s driving me nuts) a small group did a fly-by to Menemsha. They visited The Bite, and got free french fries. Gracie met up with her mom, what a nice surprise! They also found Tina (who used to be a day counselor here) who is now a police officer. (Not that we would ask her for any special favors, heh heh.)
A trip up-island would not be complete without a stop at Chilmark Chocolates, for hugs from Alison and Mary Beth, and a few hand picked treats. Sounds like they they treated themselves to a taste-bud extravaganza.

This morning we were busy singing, dancing, acting, potting (? as in pottery),crafting, and painting. And this was all before lunch. We are starting to work on our acts for the play (next Saturday) which will be here too quickly for us camp lovers. The blogger missed the bus for the beach (it happens) so you’ll have to wait til tomorrow to see us swimming and floating around and taking it easy. (breakfast on the beach, yum)


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