Para sailing and jet skiing

Well,gentle readers, I’m still unable to see my photos before I post them, so you can enjoy a collection of our activities in no special order and with no clever comments. (Some of you may like it better that way)
Anyway, many of the counselors and campers went VERY early on this cloudy/cold/rainy morning to fly through the skies and bounce over the waves. We had one green-faced counselor who finds para-sailing not his cup of tea, and another who would like to practice with a jetski BEFORE he tries the waves again (not that we’re counting, but after dumping his ski 4 times he and his crew gave up) By the way, we had a glorious time, and the photos cannot begin to catch the spirit of our group. We shivered all the way home, but with hot chocolate, showers and a movie, we were soon content. Our thanks to the para-sailing guys Jesse, Alex and Nick for their concern and eagerness to make sure the campers were safe and having a ball. We would also like to thank the jet ski safety crew, who along with a rescue boat, successfully fished a few of us out of the drink. It was a most splendid way to end our second week. The other photos are of our dance we held tonight as many of the campers and counselors celebrated their last night at camp.See you next year. You were magnificent!


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