We started off the day with some glorious arts and crafts. We made crowns and painted our birdhouses, don’t they look pretty?

We also had some croquet and stretching? I’m actually not quite sure what is happening in half of these pictures.

We closed off the day with golfing, singing, and dancing. Here we have an array of all of them. We were not allowed to use the golf carts this year, we probably did something we should not have done last year (whoops….)

So this was not done by the usual blogger, I’m her son. If this one was slightly more offensive, slightly less clever, or just no good, I apologize. Tomorrow we are waking up early to go para-sailing and jet skiing. I am personally terrified of heights so it should be interesting. I should be off to bed to make up for this future loss of sleep. Good night all.


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