So sorry folks. The one night I could have finished the blog before midnight, and Blogger refuses
to upload my photos.
(And they were so cute)

But, we took a field trip to the farm this morning , and had an exciting escape this afternoon by our large inflatable turtle. He took off for Cape Cod and despite the best efforts of Andy and Carina, he out raced them both. We thought he was long gone, then spied a sailboat trying to lasso him. Bob Lawton swam out to the sailboat as it isn’t allowed very close to shore and was rewarded with a pink tube they had also fished out of the water. Some guy in a yellow raft rowed out after him in case he had to rescue Tom. He looked pretty tired when he got back to shore, but was rewarded by cheers all along the beach as everyone had witnessed his feat. Now he’s ready for the English Channel, but I don’t think he’ll get to use the pink tube.

Hopefully, Blogger will be in a better mood and will accept photos tomorrow.

Campers are at a movie.

Good Night.


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