Fishing Derby and B-ball

We switched out the morning, and went to the beach BEFORE lunch.

Look who washed up on the beach. Is it flotsam, or jetsam. Wait, it’s Justin.

We took the S.S. Jabberwock out for a sail.

Kip’s ready for an adventure.

Dylan gets some help falling off .
We took our lunch with us to the Fishing Derby. We were so hungry, we could have eaten some worms. (Or fluffer-nutter sandwiches)

Tony tries to give Philip a few pointers. Doesn’t look like it’s working.

Look, he caught one, too!

Andy does the worm thing.(yuk)
Thank you, Martha’s Vineyard Rod and Gun Club
After dinner, we had our annual basketball-try not to get hurt games.

Here are the mama’s boys with their mamas.

“We have spirit, yes we do….”

Here comes Cy with Gary and Gracie in hot pursuit.

Look out below!

Wait, don’t throw the ball to me.

Here are most of the counselors from week 2 (Some are still washing dishes and missing all this sweaty fun.)


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