Friday, August 1st.

One of the morning activities was birdhouse building. Really. With hammers and nails and paint, oh my. It sounded like Santa’s workshop. It went so well that we are considering building a new cabin next summer, or maybe an ark.

Sixteen birdhouses ready for action. We will have some happy bluebirds at camp next summer. 

Kayla pays attention to the instructions. Good girl. You get an A.

The team behind the project. (Just a bit of cutting, painting, drilling. Well, maybe more than just a bit.) But it was such a cool project.

A beautiful afternoon at the beach.

Poor Ben, he’s got a wounded wing.

Jazz and Sloane make a fashion statement.

After dinner, we loaded up for a trip to the Flying Horses. No matter how old you are, it’s still fun to grab for the rings.

Caitlin and Josh have a unique style.

Thanks Lee, for a fun treat.

Josh is prepared for the trip to Oak Bluffs.
Later, after the younger campers were in bed, (with visions of sugarplums…..) the older campers (and counselors) got ready for a toga event at the Outerlands. They were getting a special treat. (Free admission, and a water or soda of choice, not to mention dancing and sweating and all that good stuff)


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