Tuesday, Clamming and a Show

The morning activities were music, horseback riding, balloon critters, painting and baseball.
We be busy.

Now, that’s what I call lunch. Good work, cooks.

After lunch, we went clamming in the lagoon. The water was warm, and we even caught a few of the little fellows.

Michael’s got the main dish AND salad covered.

 Cy gets a ride from Tarzan, no, it’s Drew.
Mac and Jeremy have dinner covered. At least for them, that is.

Here, Clammy Clammy. Where are you hiding?

Patty tries to show Fogey how comfy the tube is. He’s not buying it.
After dinner, the campers put on a show, and as usual, it was quite unique.

Jack was one of a parade of narrators who led us on a journey through song.

Michael keeps an eye on things.

Taylor sang “It’s a Small World” and if that song gets stuck in my head all night, she’s in big trouble.
Nice job, Vicky. We’ll be singing your Jabberwocky song all summer.

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