The people behind the scenes…

Our two doctors, Doctor Catherine and Doctor Tom

Here’s  Judy. (blogger and keeper of the laundry)

Patty (far right) and her two friends Kathy and Lois
preparing another delicious meal

Director, Jacko and sister Patty

Michael making challah for breakfast!

And the rest of the lunch crew…

Some outdoor arts and crafts


Annie made up some salt dough clay and even though TWO people said, “That looks good enough to eat”, we managed not to eat any. (We think.)

The campers practiced waving “Caution” and “Do Not Enter” streamers for their show on Tues. (I’m not sure what song goes with that movement, but we’ll soon see)
Since we had some free time before we headed to our cookout and drumming on the beach, some of the campers had a tea party.

Moriah says “Hi Katie D.” Jack says, “Wish you were here.”

Brie and Hanna pose in their beauteous bonnets.

Don’t forget to raise your pinkies when you drink.
We had delicious grill food, including s’mores, and danced to the drummers. 
Here’s Annie, hard at work again.

Michael  has arrived finally!! Looks like it’s time for two desserts.

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