Saturday July 26

We finished the felting project by rolling, rolling, rolling until all the pieces were well mashed together.(Not sure if “mashed” is the technical term, but that’s how it looked.

A few were more involved in the rolling process than others, but everyone managed to have a good time.

Which led into a really good time including a spontaneous dance party to Queen music.

We managed to find time to stop for refreshments on the way to the beach, and make an appearance at the Jabberwocky art display at Featherstone Gallery.

What’s more high fashion than Jabberwocky wear?

It was a beautiful day at the beach.

Check out these beauties!

I give up!

To end the day right we drove to West Chop for the sunset.

Some of the campers did the limbo under the gates to get to the dock.

Even though the sun managed to hide behind a cloud as soon as we arrived, we managed to enjoy the sunset.


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