July 25 – Here Comes the Sun

After an evening of rain, thunder and all that stuff, we awoke to clouds and puddles. We decided to have camp anyway (like we had a choice) and started off with “Music with Vickie”.

And here she is, inspiring us with a Camp Jabberwocky song she just invented.
We had a felting class with a visiting artist, (thanks, Krista) where we wet felt and wool and somehow mashed them all together with water and olive oil soap. The finished product will be three strings of prayer flags. 

Thank you ladies. Can’t wait to see the finished product. (Keep Tuned)

The studio was a perfect spot for a some heated soccer games which we played with gusto (kinda like pesto with sweat and laughter) and much cheering.

And Cy goes for the goal………. It’s good!!!!!!!

Michael winds up, and whacks Zach in the head. Molly laughs. 
The skies cleared, and so, to the beach we go.
Craig got his new beach shoes wet. Tomorrow, it will be his ankles. (maybe)
Paul, Dylan, and Justin practice floating.
Jeremy hitches a ride to the water. Go Molly.
After dinner, we attended the Vineyard Sound’s concert at the Tabernacle. They had 3 encores, so we returned home very late. Thus, the blog is a day behind. (already)

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