July 24 – The Campers are Here!

The counselors arrived from far and wide, and spent a few days making the camp spit-spot. They also practiced hanging out on the beach and even had some classes on safety and camper care. They were eager to greet the campers and start things rolling.

The ferry ride over involved handing out bread to the gulls.
The campers and their parents were waiting for us.
  The ride back involved catching up with old friends, and making some new ones.
Winslow, Kacey and Jack ham it up. 
And here’s the welcoming committee. They brought the bus because it had been pouring all morning and they didn’t want soggy campers/luggage. And the bus made the dock look quite festive.
Right after lunch some of the brave (or determined) headed off to do the thing we always do on the first day….(hint – it involves sand and salt water)  but it was raining so most of us stayed back and hung out in the studio to sing and dance and make merry.(whatever that means)

 We finished off the evening with an amazing viewing of the movie, The Incredibles. We had an earlyish bed time, but its only so we can save up for an exciting day tomorrow. Our crew is still figuring things out, but everyone seems full of love, and that is all you need to throw a fantastic camp…….It was a very good first day.

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