Additional July camp pictures

Nancy C and a hunk from the Vineyard Sound! Go Nancy!

Jason performing with the Vineyard Sound

Nancy J & Manny on their double date with Sully & Jay at Lola’s

The ladies keep on dancing at the 4th of July parade!

Sully & Jojo rock the 80’s as Cindy Lauper and Madonna in the parade

Hellcat rides in style in our award winning float, driven by Sully’s Dad.

Faith celebrates 40 at Lola’s!

Happy 40th Faith!

Paul is quite the ladies man with Faith and Nancy J!

Faith’s birthday gang

Mandy’s toilet paper wedding dress

Jon & Mandy post bachlor & bachlorette parties-we all had a blast!

Shirley & Jake at the Love themed Prom!

Merry & Dick-what a cute couple!

Sue & Teak danced all night!

Maggie, Kendra and Sully at Prom

Sean Wawa attracted all the ladies at Prom

Jojo & Sully steal a moment with the Celtic’s Championship trophy


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