Scottie Hottie Does Jabberwocky

Hey everyone! Scott Scherer here, reporting on-site in Martha’s Vineyard to provide you with a Camp Jabberwocky update. We’ve been keeping quite busy the past few days, enjoying a variety of activities that include music, magic, Alpacas, and more.

On the 7th, the magnificent Walter Child, magician extraordinaire and balloon animal aficionado, wowed us with his wizardry as he bended space & time and the laws of physics to lock solid metal rings and make objects disappear. I really enjoyed the show, although my fear of balloons (I hate it when they pop!) made me slightly nervous for most of his performance.

The alpaca farm was another spectacular outing to say the least. In case you were wondering, alpacas are more or less llamas with different heads, and they don’t spit or bite. They also poop everywhere!

A few days ago, we had the privilege of dining with and being serenaded by the Vineyard Sound—the premier a cappella group on the island. It was especially excited for me, because I’ve bought all of their CDs! The vibrant mélange of polo shirts, cargo shorts, and golden oldies made all the ladies swoon. My favorite song is “-ly”, which is about adverbs at libraries. I thought it was quite lovely.

This past Thursday, we all made our way down to the Tisbury street fair. The Camp Jabberwocky table was very successful in selling raffle tickets, camp apparel, and pictures with the Celtics ’08 trophy (a big thank you to Kelsey’s Dad for his generosity). All in all it was a pretty fantastic day.

And if all that excitement isn’t enough for you, we’re T-minus three days until opening night of the play! This is always my favorite part of camp, and though Jabberwocky will certainly be hectic over the next few days as we try to top last year’s “Jabberwonka” it will definitely be worth it. All the counselors stay up into the wee hours of the morning painting backdrops and campers tirelessly practice their lines and dance moves. Regardless of the hard work we’ll have to put in, the excitement always brings everyone together.

This year’s theme is “Jabberwocky’s got talent”, which will be a medly of camp-themes reality TV shows (e.g. American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Flavor of Love). Be sure to keep your eyes out for yours truly, Scottie Hottie, to be featured as Jojo/Shakira’s dance partner. I might have to teach Jojo a few of my moves, but I doubt she’ll need to be carried to the finish line; her hips don’t lie.

Well, that’s about all for now. Be sure to keep checking the blog for further updates, and hopefully I’ll see most of you at the play next week! And if you see a debonaire gentlemen in glasses dancing with a fine piece of Latin eye candy, don’t hesitate to say hi!

Until Next time,
-Scottie Hottie aka Scott Scherer


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