Ernie Boch picnic

As Jabberwockians were traveling to the 15th annual Boch’s picnic on Sunday, the weather was gloomy. But Mother Nature had a change of heart – the sky turn deep blue when we arrived. The Bochs warmly greeted us. I think many of us ignored Sully’s advice for not eating too much, but the food (which included popcorn, clam chowder, hot dogs, and hamburgers) was too tempting. We ate in a gigantic white tent. Some campers and counselors were joyfully rolling down the green hilly lawn. I think next year there should be a traffic cop on the hill because there were near collisions. No one could resist the hot tub. While relaxing in the warmth of the tub, one of Boch’s friends and Jason, a camper who was picking on his air guitar, were singing and playing songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. The beat and the vibrations of the music enticed all of the campers and counselors to dance. Manny, the elder playboy at Jabberwocky, danced with all the women, and I followed his example. Sadly, 4:00 o’clock came quickly and the festivities ended. When we were driving from the driveway to leave the Boch’s mansion, we all waved and shouted “Thank you” to the Bochs and their friends for a delightful fun- packed day.

Paul Remy

The famous Jabberwocky bus in front of Ernie’s gigantic mansion.
What a fantastic fountain.

Here is everybody rolling down a hill. Thank goodness there were no collisons.

A smile to remember.

Hot tub fun!!

David couldn’t resist karoke.

Everybody is dancing to YMCA!

What a way to relax.


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