Hi again, Faith here.

I know you must be surprised to be hearing from me again. And if i’m to be honest with you, i’m a bit surprised to be on here again myself so soon. But i’ve been bitten by the bug again, and as far as i know, no one has written today – though that may change – so here i am.

it being a weekend night, we’re staying around camp tonight. the island is so good to us – allowing us to be a part of events and movie shows and such – throughout the week that we try to stay in on the weekends when possible. More room for other islanders to spread their wings.

which leads us to our traditional saturday night tradition: studio night.

for those who don’t know, studio night is sort of a Jabberwockian version of our own talent show. It’s highly encouraged that everyone participate – and is more fun that way.

friends are welcomed to come watch us, and sometimes they do, but more often than not we entertain ourselves: dancing, singing, putting together crazy little skits…. things are often very light-hearted and off-the-cuff, and the spontaneity is part of the magic of the evening.

tonight, because of Jojo’s imminent arrival, our studio night will be presented in her honor. This fact in and of itself gives us lots of fun material from which to choose. Should be a very interesting time.

Alright folks, seems like one of our more talented writers would like to share his thoughts with you, so i’m about to sign off.

thanks for sharing this time with me. i hope to see you all again soon


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