So hello!

Faith here. Surprise!

Camp has been going on for a few days now. I know family and friends are wondering what we’re up to. So i’m going to do my best to briefly catch you up on our many adventures.

First though, let me just say: a lot of you probably know that Arthur – one of our fearless leaders – is yet to arrive. He and his family are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their newest member: due any day.

The lag in this blog is partly due to his absence. Arthur used to stay up until the wee hours faithfully to have a daily entry so that our loved ones would know of our adventures of the day. Sorry folks; I just can’t do that. A gal needs her beauty rest after all! 🙂

So the blog may not have daily entries, but a group of us are trying to set up a schedule where we can take turns posting – and keep you as up to date as possible. Please pardon our lapses in the meantime. What may be cool though, is that you’ll be able to hear all of our different voices and perspectives through our individual writings. Who knew?!


Camp started on Monday morning. We were welcomed home by islanders, and tourists that shared our boat (and therefore disembarked with us0 looked in bemusement at the counselors who greeted us in Vineyard Haven dressed in full costumes with wigs and instruments and ….

Monday afternoon showered, so it gave us all some time to settle in and say hello. Our tradition of Monday night drumming at the beach with Rick’s band seemed in jeopardy, but the steady rain had stopped and Rick was up for the adventure, so… we packed up and off we went.

The hamburgers and hot dogs, veggie burgers and ‘not dogs’ were up and running. The raindrops started. Rain? No worries. We’re at the beach anyway; wetness is to be expected, isn’t it? 🙂 We ate confidently.

But then came the thunder. And shortly thereafter the (breathtakingly beautiful, but that’s just me) lightning. Not good. Not good at all.

So the new counselors helped load the bus and vans in record time, and we all traveled home again. Ah the adventures have begun.

Tuesday brought us a bit more rain, so our evening activity changed from a birthday celebration downtown with ice cream to a movie in the studio. Don’t worry, the birthday girl still got cake!

We saw Hairspray. Something I had never seen before, but now love. You can imagine how strange it was for me NOT to be singing along, when other people around me were chiming in, but i adjusted. and happily so.

Wednesday the sun snuck out long enough for us to have our first official beach day. The water was cool, but wonderful. There was a parasailor above that seemed to be there just for us. He was so close that it seemed if you stood on someone’s shoulders you might be able to beg a ride if you had a long enough rope.

I think everyone had a good time.

And Wednesday night brought us to the movies – public, this time – where we saw ‘you don’t mess with the Zohan’. As should be expected, Jabberwocky made a spectacular entrance into the theater, and added our own level of drama.

Thursday morning found us with an invitation to ride on the Mad Max. It is a sailboat (catamaran?) we have been fortunate enough to ride the past several summers. This year there were more of us than the boat could hold, so those of us that didn’t go for the ride spent a few hours shopping and sightseeing in Edgartown. I hear that a good number of brave Jabberwockians were allowed to drive the Mad Max aways… I can just hear the chaos and laughter in my head; can’t you?

Later in the day we held our own memorial service honoring Virginia Hackney – a long time Jabberwocky friend and confidante – in the late afternoon. It was nice to be able to share our personal memories of our friend – and some group memories too. Virginia was a maverick, and is still alive in us all. We feel her spirit everywhere on this island. Virginia was, and still is, a gift to us all.

Dr. Steve read a poem written about Virginia that can be found in her remembrance book. I don’t have access to it here, but perhaps if he is willing, he will scan me a copy and then i can share it with all of you. It is light, and sweet, and funny… and just what Virginia would have wanted.

Also last night a small group of us went to see a play called The last 5 years. A very good play (in my humble opinion). However, i did hear that those of us that went missed some VERY funny stories – as the story telling tradition still thrives here.

And today is Friday. breakfast, music, classes, lunch… and a beach trip – thwarted halfway there by pesky and persistent rain. Die hards travelled on: I have been here writing, sharing with you.

These are the big highlights in bite-size form. Our dear Jojo arrives tomorrow, and with her we hope she brings the sunshine to match her eternally bubbly personality and energy.

In random tidbit form:

Sierra Wheaton’s nail salon is up and running. She is so popular, that she now takes reservations. Even some of the male counselors have hopped on the bandwagon, getting multi-colored pedicures in time for the fourth of July.

Fourth of July: Seven days away. our theme for the parade? we have not yet made a concrete decision. One of the ideas floating around is The Wizard of Oz, but… why would any Jabberwockian have a concrete plan so early in the game. Right?

We have a new camper who prefers to be called Bubba who adores Christmas music. I have a feeling that this summer somehow we truly will have Christmas in July!

Skipper is making his usual rounds on the island; shaking hands and smiling wherever he goes. Everyone knows Skipper. He brings his own light to any situation.

We have yet to see Hellcat. I am trying to be patient, but i am very much looking forward to her recitation of the Jabberwock poem. Always a summer highlight, often imitated, but never mastered. Fret not, Hellcat. Imitation remains the highest form of flattery.

Honestly that is about all i can muster at this point. There is more (there always is), but the dinner bell is about to ring, and traffic here is getting intense.

I do have access to some photos of Camp thus far (thanks to dr. steve), but have not yet unlocked the magic of posting photos on a blog. I promise they are soon to come, but it will have to be another day.

It’s been a joy to be with you again. i don’t know when i will be the one to write for the blog again (i’m not sure how the rotation schedule will go0, but thank you for allowing me to share some of the magic of our time here at our second home with those of you who are a part of our typical homes.

Until the next time,
I hope you will find beauty where you look,
Like we try to do here… always.



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