June Birthdays

I know these are being posted late, but i didn’t want anyone to feel left out. If your birthday has gone by already, please accept my most sincere apologies in the delay of this posting.

June –

2nd – Michael Wooley
8th – Matt L. – i wont try to spell his last name from memory. Sorry, Matt
9th – Kendra Maeler
12th – Kelsey Grousebeck
12th -Jonah Lipsky

(This is a doozie. I have this one written down on 2 different dates. So it’s either)

14th or 16th – Shawn Trieschmann
23rd – John Casanave – First day of camp! What a birthday present! 🙂

Again, i’m sorry some people’s birthdays were posted late. I’ll try to be better next time around (though i probably won’t be posting the July birthdays – we will all be together at the beginning of July!).

much love and congratulations to all of you.


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