some updates

Hey folks

2 updates for you.

Nancy Jesseau – she has made the decision to give up her apartment, and stay in the nursing facility that she was rehabbing at earlier in the year. she has made a lot of friends, and does a lot of activities.

of course her friend ed goes to visit her almost daily. on nice days, they “escape” and go out for lunch or coffee or something… šŸ™‚

i just found out – and i mean “just” – that nancy now has a phone in her room.

so her contact info is as follows

nancy jesseau
Charlwell House
305 Walpole St
Norwood, MA 02602

phone – 781.551.0779

she is very much looking forward to seeing all of us at camp SOON


stefanie sacks:

she is able to support herself independently (no crutches, or brace), although her leg still gives her a fair amount of pain from time to time. she is going for another MRI on May 5th to make sure things are still progressing as they should.

when she knows more, she’ll let us all know.


that’s as much as i know right now.

if YOU have news – please feel free to let me know – we’d love to share in your successes, and be able to support you if/when you need it.



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