nancy jesseau

hey all –

more medical news. not great news, unfortunately.

around Christmas-time, Nancy Jesseau was found on the floor in her apartment. From what I have been told (by Ed, the man who cooks for her), when he called the paramedics, she told the men during their intake that she had fallen 3 times that day and just didn’t have the strength to get back up.

The paramedics decided to take her to the hospital. The hospital kept her and ran some tests. I have no idea what any of the tests were – or what the results are. Ed did not share that information with me.

Now she is currently in a rehab facility. I don’t have any idea how long she will be in there.

I’m sure she would love to have mail. Unfortunately, I do not have her specific room number, but i have been assured that she will get any mail that we send.

the address you can write to is:

Charlwell House
305 Walpole Street
Norwood, MA 02602

if you have a few minutes, let her know you’re thinking of her! i know she’s very lonely…

i’ll let you know more as i know more.



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