Stamp Saving Plea

Hey Friends

I know a woman who’s working with Habitat for Humanity to get housing. They have a deal going that for every cancelled stamp she saves and turns in to Habitat, they give her so much toward her house. I don’t know the actual math, I just know that the more stamps she has, the more help she receives. So I’ve been saving stamps for a while now.

Now I’m asking for your help. It’s the Holiday season, and I know people get WAY more mail than usual at that time with cards and such. Would you be willing to save your cancelled stamps along with me? All you have to do is rip the corner of the envelope (that has the stamp on it) off, and get it to me. I will do the rest.

The stamp doesn’t have to be any special kind. And you don’t have to cut it off to look neat and tidy. You just rip the corner off and Voila! You can’t re-use a cancelled stamp, so most people just throw them away without a second thought. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that this piece of paper you usually throw away would be doing something really LIFE-CHANGING for someone else?

Please, think of people in need of housing. Now more than ever in this Winter season. Save and collect these stamps, and get them to me. If you start now, we can have a tremendous impact on this woman’s ability to get the help she needs sooner than she could imagine.

If you feel you can, please pass this idea on to your friends and families. This is one of those times when more really is merrier!

Please send the stamps to:

208 Harvard Ct.

Whitman, MA02382

If it makes it easier for you, you can send them in small batches, like at the end of the upcoming months, for example. It doesn’t matter to me. I’m just grateful for any help that you can give to add to this project. I will be saving stamps until this woman tells me to stop. So if you choose to save them even after the Holidays, that would be fine too.

I just know that with your help we could have a real influx of stamps for her throughout the dead of winter.

Thank you so much for your generosity.

Have a happy and safe holiday season.

Faith Carter


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