An update on Stefanie Saks…

Hello Jabberwockians and Friends

Here is an update of Stefanie’s latest medical situation: She has gone to the doctor again. She is still having a significant amount of pain, and finds it difficult to sleep at night. He has ordered 4 more weeks of Physical Therapy treatments for her, and if she is still in as much pain they will decide at that time what they might do next.

She is still using her crutches and wearing her leg brace.

Her PT is concerned that her hamstring in that leg is tightening a bit too much because of the way she is using her crutches. She is encouraging Stefanie to put her foot down (on the floor, but without full pressure, obviously) slightly more often as she walks, but Stefanie says it is much too painful for her to do that.

I’m not sure what will happen next, but I guess we will all find out together in about a month.

Stefanie is feeling really frustrated. It has been a long recovery thus far, and obviously she has more to go. She is uncomfortable sitting for any period of time, so finds it hard to sit at her computer and answer emails. She would love phone calls, and she enjoys notes and letters.

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