Virginia’s Memorial

I wasn’t able to be at Virginia’s memorial service myself this weekend, but some of you have given me tidbits of information to share.

The service was yesterday. Saturday. The 27th. Grace church was packed to capacity and more. They had to set up a tent with a monitor outside in the back to cover the overflow; I’ve been told. Virginia’s parents, brother, and sister all spoke.

The forecast called for rain. And it did. During the service. But as people started to walk the short distance from Grace to the Hackney’s home, it cleared and the sun came out.

At the Hackney’s, there was food, music, and fun. Virginia’s bicycle was prominently featured in the yard. There was “enough food to feed a thousand people,” donated from various businesses and friends throughout the island. And the sun continued to shine.

Virginia’s parents gave some of her hats out to her friends. Some of Virginia’s friends from kareoke (i don’t even know if i spelled that right) sang. Lynne Wolf sang. People shared stories and ate and laughed. “It was the kind of party Virginia would have really liked if she had been there.” They gave out pink pencils inscribed with “Virginia Hackney” to all that attended.

And after all was said and done, it started raining again….

Like I said, I wasn’t present. So if anyone has additional stories or happenings to share, PLEASE FEEL FREE. I would love to hear more about it, and i’m sure that there are others who would too.

Thanks for sharing.

Until next time,
Stay strong and keep smilin’!



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