so let me introduce myself:

My name is Faith Carter. Many of you reading this blog probably know me. Or maybe have heard of me somewhere along the way (I hope much of what you’ve heard has been positive). I have been a true Jabberwockian for over 32 years now. I started attending Camp Jabberwocky as a young child at what is now known as the “August Session,” and now spend part of my summers in the “July Session. (When I began attending Jabberwocky, sessions were called “Childrens’ Camp” and “Adult Camp,” but now with the intermingling of populations…)

I love to keep in touch with folks I meet through Jabberwocky every year. It’s very important to me, as I consider Jabberwockians to be members of my family.

I’ve been asked to keep this blog active throughout the months that we are not together. I am thrilled to have this honor, and will do my best to do my best with it. 🙂

I will tell you now that I almost certainly will not be updating this blog daily, as Arthur does during the time that Camp is in session. But I *will* be updating on a regular basis, so feel free to enjoy… and if you have comments, stories, announcements,etc… PLEASE share! 😀

Thanks, and I’m sure we’ll be in communications soon.


Please be aware:

I am NOT a professional writer (though I hope to be, someday). So please forgive any grammatical weirdness. 🙂 Also, sometimes I revert to my “e.e. cummings-ness,” and forget to capitalize things. I don’t mind it, but some people find it odd. Again, if this happens (as I’m sure it will), please bear with me. Thanks

Stay strong and keep smiling!

ME 🙂


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