Now, here’s Thursday’s real post

This morning started with breakfast on the beach with Rick. We thought it might be too cold to go swimming, but it was beautiful.

First, a little sunscreen.

Then, we get food.

Michael doesn’t look thrilled with Dave’s choice for him. Dave looks happy.

Croissants, omelets and potatoes. And a beach. The water was clear and calm. I think you are figuring out that this was a perfect Vineyard morning.

After quick showers, and more food, we hurried off to the Agricultural Fair. There were animals, rides, food, and games. We did everything, and no one got sick. A few of us were dizzy after the rides, but the campers just wanted more.

Athena and Lidia decide to taste a “little” bit of fried dough.

Got a couple of winners here.

Zach and Jeremy decide if they’re too sick to try another ride. ( I was going to say something about seeing eye to eye, but even I have my limits.- but then again, I did say it. Sorry)

This ride is called “The Counselor Crusher” because when it spins around,.. well, you get the idea.

Kirk and Jake rode the bullet. They are very brave. Or crazy. Or both.

Do we love the fair, oh, yes we do!

We arrived home from the fair to find a delicious dinner made by Steve and Cathleen. They made chowder and shrimp and served up crabcakes from the Net Result. Yum.

Well, folks, it’s time for me to head on home to Colorado tomorrow. Rachel will be finishing out the session, so she’ll keep you updated on the play and whatever other mischief we get into the next few days. I’ve enjoyed writing this blog, a first for me, and hope you were entertained keeping up with us this summer. Now when your camper comes home and says they had fun, you know it’s true. If you go to the July blog, Arthur has put up a link and information on how to get copies of the photos in case you’re interested.
Happy trails to you.

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