You’ve heard the expression, “All work and no play………”. Well, not to worry, we are all about the play now, so there’s nothing dull about us!

Sonja inspired us today with her musical skills and ability to add creative hand motions our songs.

The percussion section added a little extra to the music.

Athena and Bekah practice their duet.

And here are some spacemen showing us their space ears.

I spied this lion wandering around.

The craft activity was wand making. Hmmmmm. What show would have wands, a lion, and spacemen? I guess you’ll have to come on Saturday night to see. I can guarantee that it will be nothing like any show you’ve seen before.

Kirk spent the entire morning working with Eliza on a huge pot. He will really miss pottery; it was his favorite activity.

A big Jabberwocky hip hip hooray for Kayla, Sophie and Eliza who provided pottery and craft classes for the campers. Thanks for all your help. See you next summer.

We let the campers out of the studio and spent a great afternoon on the beach. It was a beautiful day.

Bobby keeps an eye on things.

Happy hour the Jabberwocky way.

Katie and Andrew count their fingers. They are trying to experience how life was before calculators.

Kirk started snoring. Zach helped Kirk to stop snoring with the old “pour the water on the sleeping person” trick. Not to worry, Kirk went right back to sleep. Zach got a lecture from his mother and promises to NEVER do that again.

Kevin makes a smooth landing in his chair.

Taking it eazzzzzzzzy on the beach.

Tomorrow, most of the camp will be heading up to Boston for a Red Sox game. They won’t be back until very late, so photos and stories won’t be available until Thurs. Stay tuned. I’m sure there will be stories to tell.


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