The morning was spent in pottery, making masks , and spending time with the visiting dental students.

Here are the dental students who came. They gave demonstrations on brushing and flossing, and gave us free stuff. We love free stuff. We may even use this free stuff, which I guess is their point.

Kirk and Dave practice opening their mouths, which is a good skill to have.

Michael kept a safe distance from the dinosaur while ensuring that he had sparkling teeth. When the dentists told the camp they were omnivores and explained what that meant, Michael replied that he didn’t eat grass, and lemons hurt his teeth. So now we know.

Sarah and Sammy lead the camp in a thank you song to the dentists. “Cape Cod Girls”

Since the play is Saturday night, most of the afternoon was spent at practice. Word is, it will be fabulous! Since it was cloudy, we left late afternoon for a picnic and sunset at South Beach.

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