Friday, August 10

Today was filled with rain and more rain, so we decided to stay at camp, entertain ourselves and avoid all the traffic on the island.

Everyone seemed to have a ball at sports this morning.

From the sidelines—a few cheerleaders…

A number of people helped make thank you cards for all of the people who have helped us this summer.

Dori, with her drawing of her childhood hero, Ariel.
And pottery class happened, as usual.

Our lovely Sarah can make the grittiest of jobs look graceful…and refreshing!

During our afternoon of free time, Cabin Monopoly beats the monotony.

Others decided to “just hang out”
We all got together in the studio to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Looks like it really held our attention, huh?

Greased Lightning. A Camp Jabberwocky first.
Nautical theme for Mimsey, 100% Yellow Submarine. With Musical accomp.

Tory cheers for her peers as Kirsten coaches with the mostest.

Danielle added a little sunshine to our otherwise rainy day.

Spicing it up as the Spice Girls…


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