They’re Here!!! They’re Here!!!! We hardly have time to wallow in our sad goodbyes, because when we turned our backs a ton of new campers came out of nowhere, O changeover days, how we love you.

And here is one of our favorite activities, waiting to be fed. We do it 3 times a day, and we’d do it even more, but Jack says no.

Nothing like a good old fashioned arm wrestle. Wait a minute, Zach was fighting two people? He thought Kristen had just been hitting the gym a lot lately.

After lunch we went to a very wavy and rough beach, we had a few tumbles but no tears, after a delicious dinner we headed out to Mink Meadows golf course and had an amazing time. This is what you call a team effort.

The girls decide to make their own mini golf course on the putting green.

Come on now, you are so close!!!!

Susie and Bekah spend some quiet time catching up.

Time for bumper golf carts!

The golf carts were a huge hit; everyone was waiting in line and screaming for joy during the rides.

Michael and Michael strike a professional pose.

“Score! Goal! Yay!” Leslie cheers for Andrew.

And finally the girls finish their golf course, I bet it was fun, but there are some of us still waiting in line to try and polish our game.

Whoa, what a reward for climbing the hill in a golf cart, aaaaaaaaa the ocean, how I love you. Well as far as stressful changeover days, this was one of the better ones, all counselors really stepped up to the plate. I, for one, am going to sleep well tonight.

Thanks to guest blogger, Zach.


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