This morning, we had a special treat. We were invited out to to the Art Cliff Diner for breakfast.It was great. We packed the place and stuffed ourselves. We then waddled out to the bus to return to camp and decide what to do with the rest of the rainy morning.

Table one waits patiently for their order.

The counselors enjoyed being waited on.

Here’s our fabulous wait staff. Wait, they look just like our counselors! Thanks for your hard work, ladies and gents.

Other people saw that the diner was opened, and tried to join us. Mac was the bouncer, and broke the sad news to them. (I wonder if anyone tried to bribe him.)

When we were finished we sang for our breakfast.(Apparently, according to Jack, it’s a tradition in some country to do this. Sounds better than paying) So, we sang Yellow Submarine , gave a Hip Hip Hooray, and presented the owners with camp t-shirts.

Sloan bonds with Mac’s grandson, Tom.

As we headed back to camp, we decided to put on the carnival, even though the skies didn’t look too friendly.

Paul and Livy wait while the counselors race around to set things up.

Micky a camper so he can play Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate game.

Kristen runs the tattoo parlor.These are temporary, right?

A target too tempting to miss.

Justin prepares to flip the pirate onto his head. (Hey, it sounded like a good idea at the time.)

Paul bashed the pinata and candy went everywhere. He laughed so hard you could hear him all over the hardtop.

This game is called, “Throw the Egg at the Alligator”. (Pretty clever, huh?)

Peter and I danced between the raindrops. Of course it rained on us, but we just ignored it.

Go Danielle, careful of the teeth!

Jeremy pinched rubber ducks with tongs. Sounds pirate-like.

Zach waits for the candy to drop.

It was a quiet afternoon here. Some went to the beach, some watched a movie here, some napped. The Vineyard Sound came to sing for us before supper, but they didn’t get any. (Guess they were double booked tonight.) Thanks guys, we had fun watching your antics and singing along as if we knew the words. After dinner, we rode the flying horses again. Paul got the brass ring this time, a good way to end his stay.
Counselors frantically washed clothes and packed for tomorrow, another change over day. Many campers and counselors leave tomorrow. We waited all year for camp to start, and the time just flew by. Seems like we just got here. Bye friends, new and old.


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