This morning we painted stuff for the games at the pirate carnival which will be tomorrow morning. Arrrgh!!!

Michael provided some inspiration.

Don’t these pinatas look exactly like pirates’ heads?

Katie and Andrew show off their little man/person/Gumby thing.

Caitlin and Eamon tidied up the place. There’s always something to do here.

We needed a mermaid to keep the pirates happy. (And to keep the campers painting.)

Instead of a rest period, Jack suggested that we clean all the cabins and bleach some more and pick up the clothes that somehow wound up on the floor. His idea was greeted with great joy. Then he offered a fabulous prize, like a candy bar or soda to the winning cabin. That inspired everyone. Or, at least it inspired Tulgy Wood, who resorted to massive cleaning, welcome signs, and bribery. Some of the other cabin residents decided they were clean enough, and could buy their own candy bars. They napped instead.
Here are the judges, and they were tough!

Tulgy Wood counselors recruited extra help.

They aimed for the “most improved” award, and they got it!

The announcement I remember said we had a rest period.

Jack also decided that some of the campers needed sprucing up, so he offered free shaves to all. (Faces only)

Our cookout got rained upon, so the boys grilled on the hardtop, and we had drumming in the studio instead of the beach.

Bye Dr Tom and family, we’ll miss you.


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