Sunday is a quiet day at camp. We sleep in, have a late breakfast, then some go to church and the others take it easy. We went to the beach after lunch as usual, but the blog stopped uploading photos for some reason, so you only get 2 tonight. Hopefully, it will fix itself by tomorrow.

John Lamb and Skipper discuss the good old days.

Peter does some reading on the beach. Wait, did I say reading? In the summer? Wow, that warms this retired teacher’s heart.

After supper, we attended the band concert in Oak Bluffs. Mac plays in the band, and was the only one with a fan club as far as we could tell. Go Mac!

This is not a sit down and fall asleep kind of concert. It’s a skip around the gazebo kind of concert. We do like to get joyful.

Dominic gets some dancing done.

And when it’s dark and they have played the national anthem, we head for the bus and vans, and try to remember to take all the campers and belongings with us. (Big day in lost and found tomorrow.)

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