After an inspirational music hour, we started the morning activities. We created pinatas to use at our pirate carnival on Tues. We made a great mess and only popped a few balloons. We’re not sure how pinatas are linked to pirates, but we like them so they got included. We also had some wild and crazy baseball games on the hard top. The third activity was watercolor painting. The results were amazing.

Brie and Caitlin were very brave to run this activity. Thanks.

Gloves help.

Swing, batter, swing!

Happy birthday Andrew! (He’s a teenager today.)

Ash makes it to third.

Amanda guards third base. She doesn’t want anyone to steal it.

Caitlin inspires her buddies, Eamon and Josh.

Kirk creates another masterpiece. Danielle supervises.

Gary is all concentration. Painting is his specialty.

Here are the photos from the Biscuit Burner concert. We enjoyed ourselves and made a scene. That’s what it’s all about.

We got in early so we could get the best seats.

Here they are!

Mac’s family came to visit. Toby (the dog) barked every time we clapped.
He either really loves or really hates applause. But at least he participated in the fun.

We don’t need no stinking wheelchairs, we gotta dance!


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