The morning activities were beading, yoga, and pottery. Everyone participated with enthusiasm, and Michael was so happy with yoga that he stayed there all morning. He was very relaxed. He may have even been snoring.

Beach time!

Mac and Jeremy discuss bus maintenance.

Josh creates his own shade.

Paul gets a lecture about speeding.

Counselors and campers kept themselves busy rearranging the beach.

Craig got in the water for the first time this summer. Next time he’ll go in up to his shins.

After the beach, we rushed through our showers and headed off to Oak Bluffs. Some of us went to fly kites and walk around, and the rest went for a fishing expedition on the Skipper.

Katie caught a monster!

Ash and Darren made a good team. Darren helped us remove all those wiggly guys so we could let them go for next year.

Gracie caught some vegetables for us.

Paul fished for hours without a bite. Then he started calling, “Here, fishy, fishy”. It worked!


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