This morning we went to the Dobbies (Flying Horses) instead of having activities. Campers and counselors grabbed the rings as we sped along on our trusty steeds. Another group went horseback riding on the real things.

Cy got the brass ring. He was very excited.

Thank you for the treat. We’ll be back.

Later that day, (after another glorious afternoon at the beach), we decorated the main cabin and frosted cupcakes. Then we donned those beautiful hats we made in crafts class.

It was a Swedish meatball frenzy in the kitchen.

Eric presented Carina (who was celebrating her birthday today) a Swedish tradition, a mashed potato porcupine with hot dog quills. She was thrilled.

After dinner and candle-blowing, we went off to the gym for our annual basketball playoffs.

Michael wanted to sing the national anthem before the game. We almost knew all the words.

That red team looks very professional.

Here’s the yellow team, or the red team, or, it doesn’t matter.

Justin’s ready for action.

Jeremy thinks the yellow team can’t be beat. Well, since we don’t keep score, that’s true.

Some friendly taunting before the jump ball.
Here are our mamas’ boys, Drew and Zach. They know who to please. (Their arms say,”I heart Mom”)

Michael makes a basket with a little help from his friends.

And the crowd goes wild.

The campers and counselors race around and try to play some basketball too.

And now we begin a “friendly” counselor game.

Here’s the group of counselors from week one. They are an amazing bunch. Some will leave soon, and we are very sad. Hope they come back, and they bring their friends. Hats off to you guys; we had a fabulous week.

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