After breakfast, we headed out to the Farm Institute to see the animals and try a hayride. Here we are figuring out how to fit everyone on that little wagon. We decided 2 trips would make sense, and everyone got to tour the fields in style. Luckily we loaded the chairs in a pick up, or we would have been in big trouble when we were dropped off at the corn maze.

Is everyone comfortable? Well, reasonably comfortable?

Here come the cows, the nice big cows, the nice big hungry drooling cows. Drive faster!

The barn tour got us up close and personal with some chickens and goats.

After the hayride, we attempted the corn maze. Having maps helped. Knowing which way to read them would have even been more helpful. (Where’s north?)

Jeremy thinks he’s got it figured out. Did anyone count how many people we started with?

Now, when you look at this photo, you are probably thinking we are reaching the end of our maze adventure. But, in looking glass manner, you must turn your mind around to see that we are really dragging the chairs backward through the maze. It just adds to the confusion and the fun when you can’t see the ruts before you hit them. We have very determined counselors. Everyone went through the maze. Whew, that was tough work. We need to get to the beach. Now.

Monday night is Drumming on the Beach night, and we went to the beach at four and didn’t leave until dark. Lots of food and dancing, our favorite things.

We do love our beach barbeques. Send more burgers!

Kirk entertains a group with amazingly funny jokes.

Rob and Philip do the tango? swing dance? Hokey Pokey?
Sarah joins the conga line.

Jack and Chris jump for joy.

Gracie makes a new friend.

Guest percussionists Skipper and Chris join the finale. Chris got his cowbell for Christmas, and couldn’t wait to play it with his favorite drummer, Jude.

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