Our first night was a success. Everyone had a bed, got some sleep, and made it to breakfast on time. Our counselors are awesome! The campers even got unpacked somehow and we haven’t any clothes in lost and found yet.

After breakfast, it was off to music where we practiced how to find a chair, and various songs. There even was a wild Hokey Pokey going on. (That’s what it’s all about)

We decided to have lunch at the beach, so we slapped on the sunscreen and loaded up the vehicles. We moved like lightening! Well, we moved really fast. Can’t waste a good beach day.

We have perfected the cold water torture treatment, and the campers love it.

Rob supervises from his perch in the shade.

We took quick showers and took off for Circus Smirkus and even got there early. (Will wonders never cease) We enjoyed the show and our dinner there. After the show, they asked who would like to join the circus and Kirk and Fogey raised their hands. Maybe next year.

Sure glad we wore long pants and brought sweatshirts, cause it’s not TOO hot in this tent!

Let the show begin.

Hannah and Bree join the performers and sign a few autographs.

One of the clowns does the meet and greet thing. Maybe he wants to run away and join the camp.


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