Tabernacle nights

Well, first of all, THE PLAY IS TONIGHT! MONDAY NIGHT! 7:30 pm! COME SEE IT! It’s also on Tues night. Here’s some pictures from rehearsal:

Last night we all went to see David Crohan play piano at the tabernacle in Oak Bluffs. Hellcat gave us a stern talking to before we left about how this music was not going to have any drums and we’d have to stay quiet and seated throughout the show. “You’re not going to get up and do any of those silly jigs,” she warned us.

We were very tempted to rush the stage after that lecture. As it was Hellcat spent much of the concert telling us to “hush up”, but she would have been quite surprise to see us doing silly jigs up there for all to see. Mr. Crohan said he was glad to see Camp Jabberwocky in attendance and we all cheered loudly at that.

We spent much of today putting the final touches on our production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We saw Ms. Patricia Neal this afternoon and she said she was coming tomorrow so that ought to be interesting. Not only is she an academy award winner, she was married to Rohald Dahl, the author of the book. Hopefully no one will be too offended by the liberties we have taken. Silly jigs indeed!


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