The Prom!

The Mimsey prom committee declared the theme for this year’s prom to be “Under the Sea”, but then the next morning they changed their minds and decided it should be “Hollywood”. Perhaps they were worried about how we’d all look in fish costumes. Some people protested though because they’d already gotten undersea outfits so a compromise theme of “Hollywood Under Sea” was proposed. But after some discussion we realized no one really understood what that meant, so we stuck with “Hollywood” after all. And what a fine choice that was!

Madeline was the lead chef for an unbelievable six course meal (seriously!) which most agreed was even better than “restaurant quality”. Several unwitting counselors got roped into the job of being waiters and they did actually make a very attractive bunch:

Manny’s ambitious plan of inviting two women at once to the prom did actually pan out for him, sort of. His dates decided he should learn some kind of lesson as well, so they told him they only go with him if he wore a dress. “I’ll do it!” he replied.

The hottest new couple of this year’s prom was Mellisa and Matt. Mellisa asked him to be her date the night before and the next evening they were sharing a romantic dinner.

With all that good food sitting in our bellies we were a little wary of hitting the dance floor with our usual abandon, but then the music took over our souls and we danced into the night like Pat Swayze and Jenifer Grey.

We’re coming into the home stretch here at Jabberwocky in July and spirits are high. Maybe that’s just because we don’t get enough sleep and are all feeling a little giddy. We’ve been practicing hard for this years musical and hope to see some of you there! It’s tomorrow night! Monday and Tues, 7/16 and 7/17, 7:30pm at the camp. C’mon!


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