Broken Bus!

On the way back from Menemsha yesterday Jeff noticed something funny about the big red bus’s brakes. By the time we arrived back at camp it was clear we needed some repairs. It smelled like burnt rubber! Tim Farrow correctly diagnosed the issue as having to do with the brakes, which we all agreed were important parts to keep in working order. So, sadly, our big red bus was taken out of commission.

In the afternoon the ladies got dressed in their fresh finery and took off with the vans to attend Lynne Wolff’s big Tea and Sing up in Chilmark. The rest of us were left with only the cargo van for transportation so we hoofed it down to Owen park for a swim down by the docks. This turned out to be a lot of fun, as these pictures might attest. George, Mark and Teak even managed to to a little crabbing of the pier. They caught several crustaceans but declined to eat them.

For those of you following the Jabberwocky soap opera surrounding the upcoming prom, Manny popped the question to Lidia last night after she discovered him hiding in her bed. The problem was he had already asked Kathleen and thus found himself in a pickle. He tried to make up for it with this romantic gesture pictured below, but she remained skeptical. Manny is hoping to attend the prom with both of them but they would prefer not to reward his scoundrel ways so we’ll see what happens…

By the way, when the ladies returned from the Tea and Sing Faith announced that they had raised $10,000 for our beloved camp. Way to go! Thanks Lynne! And to top it off Paul from August camp took the ferry over from New Bedford after he got off work and fixed our bus! Hooray! We’re back on the road again…


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