All Aboard!

We all woke up early this morning excited for adventure. Time for a sailboat ride! Madeline and her crew had cooked us a hot breakfast of pancakes and sausage and some of us took Dramamine so as not to puke that meal up on the high seas. At 10am sharp we boarded the world famous Mad Max catamaran taking care not to loose anyone overboard as we climbed the gangplank.

This is what the boat looks like:

We fit pretty much everyone in camp aboard the big boat, which was a lot of fun. As soon as we got underway we all stripped down to our sexiest bathing outfits in order to catch some cancer-causing rays.

Manny and Bruce renewed their old rivalry on the boat. Here we see things heating up between them once again.

The breeze was quite strong so we cruised along at a healthy clip and sang pirate songs. We considered attacking some of the other vessels out there and plundering their loot, but this didn’t seem like a practical plan since we’d left most of our wheelchairs back on shore. We wondered: what if someone stole them? We’d have been up the creek then! Luckily that didn’t happen. Melissa P. brought her wheelchair along with her so she didn’t have to worry about theft. She was very calm as we unloaded off the boat. She told us to be careful of sea-legs.

We ate lunch out on the Edgartown wharf and then plundered the town of it’s ice cream and cookies.

Back at camp we had an amazing surprise waiting for us. World famous magician Walter Childs was there to perform a magic show after dinner. Those of us who had seen his show every summer for the past twenty years were perhaps a little unaffected by his wondrous illusions, but others were thrilled. In fact, some were a little too thrilled. It turns out that several of the autistic folks here harbor a deep fear of balloons. The problem was that, unbeknownst to us, Walter had a big balloon finale planned during which he released a whole bunch of screeching balloon animals. This terrified the balloonaphobes and sent them running out the doors into the night. Walter was a little confused, but we’ve come to expect such things here at Camp Jabberwocky. Jo Jo talked to those who were frightened and we all had a little laugh about it later on. No more balloons though! Thanks Walter!


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