New Campers, New Bell

Here’s a few shots of some of the new arrivals enjoying their first days at Jabberwocky ’07. It’s nice to have the new energy and by golly we need it since the counselors have been staying up into the wee hours making crepes and watching pirated movies in the computer room. It was a nice beach day today so we all went there and took a cool refreshing dip. Some foolish souls also tried to dunk the co-directors, and now their retribution is forthcoming.

Melisa Pepper in the house!

Skylar Bryant back in town!

Sue Harrington reunites with Hellcat!

New campers Tim F. and Sam Wood ride the big red bus with Mellisa P. and Matt L. in back.

Since the old bell cracked last summer we got a new one and put it up in a new place. It kicks ass! Here’s Sam Wood ringing away to announce another scrumptious Jabberwocky dinner:

The play is on Mon and Tues, July 16 and 17. One week away! Come see it! 7:30pm! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! With Music! This blog may have to take a day off tomorrow though because, well, we’re not finished writing it yet. But it’s going to rock! Yes! Oh yes!


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